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In the Mix: BOY MEETS GIRL is the No.1 Pop Party in Tokyo!

Toshiya Sekine’s BOY MEETS GIRL, the longest-running Shibuya-kei event (still going strong after 19 years), is a veritable institution – and so here at Memories of Shibuya we are overjoyed to provide an exclusive mix straight from the man himself. Made entirely of Japanese artists (with the exception of the opening sample, which even then is technically taken from “Groove Tube” by Flipper’s Guitar), the mix is fun, upbeat and has a good mix of classics and obscurities; Sekine’s two decades of honing his craft most certainly haven’t been spent in vain. Featured artists include Original Love, Flipper’s Guitar and solo works from both Kenji Ozawa and Cornelius, Pizzicato Five, Kahimi Karie, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Hideki Kaji, and a host of other fantastic artists. Well worth a listen, and if you haven’t already we encourage you to check out our interview with Sekine as well.

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“BOY MEETS GIRL”: an interview with Toshiya Sekine


Way back in 1996, Tokyo resident Toshiya Sekine started up a DJ night called “BOY MEETS GIRL” at a small club in Shibuya, mixing the then-popular sounds of Shibuya-kei with an extensive selection of the genre’s influences. 19 years later, BOY MEETS GIRL is Japan’s longest-running Shibuya-kei event, with Toshiya faithfully keeping the spirit of Shibuya-kei alive through bimonthly parties. I was recently privileged to have the opportunity to speak with the man himself, and here on Memories of Shibuya we’re sharing the insights of one of Shibuya-kei’s most dedicated proponents with the world – enjoy!

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