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A new song from Takeshi Nakatsuka, for free


Takeshi Nakatsuka, perhaps most famous to Western Shibuya-kei fans for his work in the defunct band QYPTHONE (whose “Drive Music” appears on essential Shibuya-kei compilation¬†Sushi 4004), has been hard at work lately, releasing an album of jazz-themed Disney covers earlier this month that this blog really should have mentioned, and just today releasing a new song as a free download through his website’s TAKESHI LAB feature. All you have to do is put in your e-mail and you get the song for free, as well as information telling you how you can donate to his PayPal if you so desire – adopting the “pay what you want” model that Radiohead made famous. The song is called “Ano Hi, Ano Toki”, but as the cover shows, you can also call it “Once upon a Time” – not exactly a literal translation, but it works either way.