Details of the new album from Towa Tei


Titled EMO, the METAFIVE member and prolific Shibuya-kei fixture’s eleventh full-length studio album (ninth as Towa Tei) has a special website up, bearing the upcoming release’s tracklisting and guest list. Featured performers this time around are an eccentric bunch even by Tei’s usual standards, although the presence of METAFIVE is hardly a surprise. In addition to his band, singers Hiroshi Takano and UA, author and artist Tomoo Gokita (who designed the album artwork), Inara George of indie-pop duo The Bird and the Bee, Ano of alternative idol group You’ll Melt More! and Chilean electronic musician Atom™ are confirmed, although the site teases that the full list is yet to come.

Those who like getting extra songs as preorder bonuses have something to look forward to with this one, as Amazon is offering a CD-R with the Takkyu Ishino remix of Tei’s “GBI” and Tower Records offers a download card with an alternate take on new song “REM.” Additionally, orders through HMV are entered in a chance to win a signed Polaroid from either Tei or one of the other collaborators on the record. EMO comes out March 22.


Memories of Shibuya year-end wrap: 5 songs for 2016


Few people are sad to see 2016 go, perhaps justifiably so – but it wasn’t all bad. This year had no shortage of wonderful music released, and so Memories of Shibuya is looking back on 5 of the best songs to come out in 2016. Streaming options aren’t available for all songs, but links will be provided where available.

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