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Album trailer for new Tomita Lab release up, is wonderful

Multi-talented¬†producer Keiichi Tomita’s latest collaboration-heavy album, Superfine¬†drops November 30, and as a teaser his label has uploaded a lovely sampler of the diverse sounds on display. Boasting collaborations with hot talents such as alt-pop darlings Avec Avec, Suiyoubi no Campanella and Kirinji, Tomita’s iPhone contacts list is most certainly an enviable one.
And it’s one that’s been well-earned, too. Along with like-minded artists like Yasutaka Nakata, Shinichi Osawa, and naturally the Shibuya-kei scene, Tomita was instrumental in bringing a touch of worldly sophistication to Japanese pop in the late ’80s and has continued to be a strong presence, with an extensive production discography in addition to a long history under his “Tomita Lab” moniker.