A simple dedication to the preservation, continuation, and influences of Shibuya-kei culture. Mostly music, but other topics may sneak in from time to time. News and reviews, artist spotlights, and more. Pizzicato Five, Cornelius, Cibo Matto, Takako Minekawa, Kahimi Karie, Momus, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Towa Tei, Buffalo Daughter, their influences and those they influenced.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. PB Ocean says:

    Hi my Friend,

    My name is PB I am a French singer-songwriter moving to the UK to start my career. I’m a huge manga fan and actually mix style is a mix between Jotara Kujo from Jojo Bizarre Adventure and a French mariner 🙂 It’d like to connect with other otaku and even with Japanese music blogs, I wanted to know if you could help me in this way! I also find that there is a sort of Towa Tei smell to my music, tell me what you think! 🙂
    Here is my first track ‘RISE’:
    https://soundcloud.com/sand-ocean/rise or
    https://www.bandpage.com/sandocean (for the pics and short bio)
    Hope you’ll enjoy it!




  2. Hi , PB
    The stand user will attract each other.
    I’m Krissaka Tankritwong (Mont)
    An artist and music composer from Thailand.
    Who’s fascinated in Shibuya-kei and Jojo also.

    And I made a website about Shibuya-kei also (but in Thai language)
    which is http://www.verycatsound.com

    We can share some information.
    add me if you play facebook please


  3. cathy says:

    Hello,I am very proud to be mencioned,its very interesting.Maybe i can suggest you to write to my mail so i keep you on tuch of my new works?…Thank you


  4. agent00soul10012 says:

    This is a great site! I did a Shibuya-kei themed DJ night in New York for a while called Tokyo Teleport Station. I still do it occasionally when asked. So glad other people are keeping this underrated style alive!



  5. grahambaster says:

    I produce an audio stream called Friends Forever Internet Radio featuring pop/subculture music from Japan & the world including a healthy dose of Shibuya-kei. Nice to see your site ~

    Music releases with Shibuya style: http://coolestsound.jp
    Nice artist info: http://www.geocities.jp/radiodaze76/KKKtop02.htm#bands
    Konishi Discog: http://www.chipple.net/p5/konishi
    Article: http://www.youblisher.com/p/343338-A-New-Stereophonic-Sound-Spectacular-Shibuya-kei-as-Transnational-Soundscape
    My site: http://www.grahambaster.com

    also hi verycatsound good work ☆彡☆彡


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