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In the Mix: DJ Choudoii’s “Summer Jam ’15”

With more of a hip-hop flavour than most Memories of Shibuya mixes, DJ Choudoii (which he translates as “DJ just the right”) brings a smooth mix of rap and Shibuya-kei on “Summer Jam ’15”, with Asako Toki, Scha Dara Parr (whose “Summer Jam ’95” gave the mix its title), HALCALI and Kahimi Karie all making appearances. The considerable overlap between the laid-back styles of ’90s J-urban – influenced far more by the likes of early De La Soul than by the more confrontational hip-hop that was more popular in the West – and Shibuya-kei makes perfect fodder for a mix, and Choudoii’s selection should be more than enough to appeal to fans of both genres.

There could hardly be a better soundtrack to lazy summer days, and those interested in hearing more from the talented Choudoii can check out his personal and Choudoii Records Mixcloud pages – naturally, he’s on Twitter, too.


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