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News from Negicco, Cornelius and Konishi

Something for everyone here, no matter what permutation of Shibuya-kei you find yourself preferring. For those who favour the quirky, unconventional alternative sound that characterizes Shibuya-kei’s more experimental extremes, Penguin Cafe Orchestra has just the thing. They recently did a cover song exchange with Shibuya-kei pioneer Keigo “Cornelius” Oyamada, and have shared a video for their cover version of Point highlight “Bird Watching in Inner Forest”, rechristened¬† “Birdwatching in Silent Forest” and accompanied by footage of birds in silhouette against a striking backdrop of fluid imagery.

If the pop kitsch of Negicco is more your speed, they recently released a live album as an exclusive to Japanese music destination OTOTOY – happily free of any pesky DRM and regional restrictions. Titled “Negicco to Gakkou”, the album captures the girls’ performance at the “alternative art space” 3331 from October 10 of last year, available in a number of lossless formats as per OTOTOY standard. The girls also have an announced release date for their next single, which is as yet untitled and will be coming out on August 11. As with all of Negicco’s recent singles, it will be available on 7″ vinyl in addition to CD and DVD options, although, in an unconventional move for the group, both A and B-sides will be getting the music video treatment. A version with a bonus disc containing three remixes will also be available, as was the case with Hikari no Spur – most likely this version will make its way to OTOTOY, as such was the case with the aforementioned single as well.

Old-school fans should get a kick out of the announcement of Yasuharu Konishi’s new album as “Pizzicato One”, his second full-length under the name and first release as P1 since 2011’s One and Ten Very Sad Songs. The new album, titled Watakushi no Nijuu Seiki (“My 20th Century”, for those of whom are understandably miffed by the fact that Memories of Shibuya never translates titles for things) features contributions from a guest list that, true to form, is dominated by fashion models and actresses – Konishi is, after all, still Konishi – and is written and produced in its entirety by the man himself.


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