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Fresh delivery of Saku news!

The first video from Saku’s FIGHT LIKE A GIRL, appropriately enough for the title track, is available for all to watch on YouTube (and you will all be watching it multiple times, I hope), complete with charmingly dodgy onscreen English translation to help out. Visual and lyrical references to Saku’s musical inspirations abound – including recreations of some famous album covers and an amusing line about how “it’s not about you and My Bloody Valentine.”

Not long after her first full-length, Saku will be reaching another milestone with START ME UP, her major-label debut single on Sony Music. Currently being used as the first of two songs in the commercial for upcoming movie Biri Gal (embedded above), the single will be coming out alongside the film’s release on May 1. You can find more information about the movie here, and a full video for the song itself should presumably follow sometime soon.

As a final note, BARKS has the full tracklistings for both FIGHT LIKE A GIRL and START ME UP – not that the titles necessarily tell you much about the songs, but it can still be fun to guess at what they might be like.


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