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In the Mix: Record Mizukoshi ni Yoru Ozawa Kenji mixtape

(Link here because Mixcloud is being awful)

The “Record Mizukoshi” mixtape series, brainchild of enigmatic Japanese DJ Suppa Micro Pamchopp, turned its focus towards the discography of Flipper’s Guitar founder and Shibuya-kei great Kenji Ozawa last year for an eclectic mix, focusing on the weird elements that were always at the fringes of Ozawa’s otherwise sparkling-clean pop. It’s not as uncomfortable as some of the more outrĂ© components of the Pamchopp oeuvre, but still has an air of mystery to it – finding the alien in what should be comforting and familiar. For those who can read Japanese, he wrote an extended introduction to the mix, and even if you can’t, you can still enjoy this unique take on the discography of one of Shibuya-kei’s finest.


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