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First music video from BILLIE IDLE® up

If you were hoping that Memories of Shibuya would forget that we cover BILLIE IDLE® and proceed to stick to groups that are even vaguely Shibuya-kei, ha ha ha, nope. BILLIE IDLE®’s first single, “anarchy in the music scene,” recently got the music video treatment courtesy of director Takei Goodman, who brought an appealingly quirky touch to a lighthearted, silly clip. The song’s lo-fi new wave homage bears certain similarities to fellow idol group You’ll Melt More! (who, as with First Summer Uika and Nozomi Hirano’s former group BiS, recently collaborated with noise outfit Hijokaidan), but manager NIGO® has kept up a career-long streak of collaborating with the best producers in the business – “anarchy” is much better than anything the other group has ever put out. IDLE GOSSIP is out April 1, unless the pranksters misunderstood the spirit of the event and announced an April Fool’s gag way in advance.


2 thoughts on “First music video from BILLIE IDLE® up

  1. vincenzogrubb says:

    I’m loving all this Billie Idle coverage and want to encourage you to keep it up (though I’m a bit perplexed as to why since they aren’t really Shibuya-kei and you don’t appear to care much for BiS’s music in the first place). But the main reason I’m leaving a comment is to ask whether the news of ex-Cymbals bassist Reiji Okii’s new band TWEEDEES had somehow passed you by because I don’t see any posts about them and I figure that would be the sort of thing you would’ve covered? They just released their first album this week and it’s pretty fantastic.


    • I’ve been rather busy lately with other things in my life, sadly, so I’ve missed quite a bit – a post on TWEEDEES is coming down the pipeline along with a number of other things that I haven’t been able to get around to quite yet.

      As for BILLIE IDLE®, I had this quixotic ambition to have Memories of Shibuya cover Ura-Harajuku fashion alongside the Shibuya-kei music/cultural stuff, but mostly that has just worked out to occasional posts about NIGO® thus far. I don’t really have any idea about how to approach fashion coverage, but as Ura-Harajuku don NIGO® manages the group, talking about BILLIE IDLE® is a fairly safe bet – and there will be plenty more of it coming down the pipeline, as I will say BI is one of the most exciting groups currently making music in Japan.

      I do actually quite like some BiS songs, “My Ixxx” is a particular favourite, but overall I have to say their music always seemed like a secondary concern when compared with their tendency towards big stunts (like the “idol”/”IDOL” thing). BILLIE IDLE®, on the other hand, seems like they’re bringing forth the best parts of BiS with a better, more musically coherent sound to go along with it – and that’s something worth devoting blog space to.


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