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BILLIE IDLE® page gets a complete overhaul, is totally worth a news post


Old BILLIE IDLE® Website


The old BILLIE IDLE® site was many things in its brief time on this Earth. First, it was a header graphic announcing the two former BiS members that made up half of the group, accompanied only by information on how to pay ¥30,000 to sign up for a fan club for a group that had yet to release a song, have even a single performance, or even say the names of two of its four members. Then, it morphed into something new and exciting, when that same page added the names of its two new members, Yuuhi Yasui and Momo Momose, and added a “news” section that, at the time, consisted solely of a link to group manager and noted registered-sign enthusiast NIGO®’s HOMETOWN Hi-Fi® page, where the group’s IDLE TALK podcast was (and still is) hosted. Indeed, things were on the up and up for the Old BILLIE IDLE® site, and its most recent permutation not only added photos of the girls (which Memories of Shibuya helpfully archived in this news post), but even separated information into different sections. Like a number of transforming construction vehicles, the Old BILLIE IDLE® site was coming together to form something bigger and better – but, alas, it was cut down in its prime just recently. Coinciding with NIGO®’s own migration to Ameba’s OWND service, the Old Site was savagely killed off to make way for a new BILLIE IDLE® page. This new site sacrificed the DIY spirit of the original page for slick professionalism, information presented in an intuitive fashion on a stylish page befitting of a group managed by one of the biggest names in Japanese fashion. Clearly, a tragedy for all involved, but in this time of mourning it is most important that we learn to live with the loss. IDLE GOSSIP comes out April 1, and first single anarchy in the music scene is out now on iTunes.


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