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Vanilla Beans covering Kahimi Karie, all is right in the world


Love Vanilla Beans? Love Kahimi Karie? We assume you said ‘yes’ to both of those, since you’re reading Memories of Shibuya and all, so this news should be right up your alley. Those who purchase tickets for Vanilla Beans’ May 8 show at Shibuya clubasia get a special CD single along with their purchase, featuring an as-yet-untitled new song as well as a cover of Kahimi Karie’s “Humming ga Kikoeru”, a Cornelius-penned number that was previously featured in Toshiya Sekine’s “BOY MEETS GIRL” mix from earlier this month. The single is produced by Tooru Hidaka of THE STARBEMS, who also co-hosts Music Nyt on NOTTV along with Shibuya-kei darling Saku. No plans for a wider release for the single have been announced as of yet, but hopefully news of such a release will be coming soon.


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