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Some exciting news from BILLIE IDLE®!


Been on the edge of your seat, waiting for more BILLIE IDLE® news? Well, you can safely move to the back of the chair now, because there’s more than enough here to put your mind at ease. Straight from the band’s official website, which now features the photos of all four band members you see above, we now have album art, a release date and the tracklisting for IDLE GOSSIP, as well as the news that debut single “anarchy in the music scene” is hitting iTunes as of tomorrow! As the first release from label Otsumo Records (a label so new it doesn’t even have a website yet), IDLE GOSSIP sounded from the admittedly low-quality previews on the IDLE TALK podcast like quite the impressive debut, and one can only hope that the Japanese iTunes release will be followed by an international one.

Edit – it’s confirmed, the “anarchy” single is on international iTunes!


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