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Details of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s THE LAST are out, and it’s huge!

First things first, this compilation is absolutely massive. As the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra discography has already been well-represented by compilation albums – most recently Best of Tokyo Ska 1998-2007, which carried on from Best 1989-1997, which itself had more than a little overlap with earlier compilation Moods for Tokyo Ska – it seemed incredibly unlikely that we were going to be getting a comprehensive career overview, yet that is precisely what THE LAST is looking to be. Split up into three discs (five if you go for the DVD version, and seven total if you opt for the deluxe box-set option, with its bonus CD accompanied by three DVDs), the upcoming compilation honours the band by giving their discography the lavish treatment it arguably deserves, even as it triples down on some of the songs featured on previous compilations. Disc one covers the years from 1989 to 1999, while disc two goes from 2000 to 2008 and the third disc takes us from 2009 to the present – complete with a new song titled, appropriately, “The Last.” The first of two deluxe options adds DVDs with footage from every show of their recent 25th anniversary tour, while a second deluxe option, contained in the impressive-looking box pictured above, contains a fourth CD with band members’ personal song selections, as well as a third DVD with 32 music videos (including a clip for the aforementioned new song), a “special book,” and a pair of sunglasses. Amazon has what is thus far the full tracklist, although disc four’s contents remain a mystery at press time. THE LAST comes out March 4.


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