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New Asako Toki song debuts in Zojirushi commercial

asakoContinuing a long, if not necessarily proud, tradition that goes back to the very beginning of the movement, Shibuya-kei affiliated singer Asako Toki has, not for the first time, nor likely the last, contributed a song to a television commercial. The product is Zojirushi’s chic “My Bottle” thermos, and the commercial is a 30-second spot featuring a song that name-checks the product being sold explicitly. The song is called “Ganbaru no Uta,” and if you feel that what your day really needed was a thermos commercial set to Asako Toki then it’s sure to be the best thing you see all day. She also recently worked on a number of songs for compilation album Women’s Liberation (which came out on January 7), continuing the trend of English-language jazz covers that she’s made her bread and butter recently. Perhaps that should have been the headline instead of the Zojirushi thing, actually, come to think of it…


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