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New venture from NIGO®, HOMETOWN Hi-Fi®, goes live

Fashion, music, curry, and now podcasting – NIGO®’s ubiquitous registered trademarks may not carry the same kind of cachet as they did during the dizzy heights of *A BATHING APE®’s brief run at world domination, but that isn’t to say the man’s slowed down any. His latest venture, HOMETOWN Hi-Fi® (named after dancehall DJ King Tubby’s legendary late-’70s sound system) is currently home solely to BILLE IDLE®’s “IDLE TALK” podcast, although the front page hints that more NIGO®-specific content may be forthcoming. It’s unknown exactly what else, exactly, NIGO® plans for HOMETOWN Hi-Fi®, but those interested in hearing more about the still somewhat mysterious BILLIE IDLE® should definitely check out the podcast.

Running just shy of half an hour and hosted by the group, with First Summer Uika and Nozomi Hirano joined by alliterative new additions Momo Momose and Yuhi Yasui (spelling on that one very tentative), it serves as what is doubtlessly the de facto introduction to the group for anyone who wasn’t privileged to sit in on the actual auditions. They talk about Hirano and Uika’s former group BiS, working with NIGO®, the importance of how the group’s name is spelled, and the auditions that brought in the two new members – as well as providing unfortunately low-quality previews of the group’s new wave-inspired songs “Anarchy in the Music Scene,” “IDLE FELLAS” and “Be My Boy.” We also get to find out that their debut mini-album, which was released on cassette tape for their first 100 fans already, and will be coming out on 7″ and mini-CD instead of regular CD because that’s just the kind of silly thing that NIGO® likes to do, is called IDLE GOSSIP, although it’s unclear at this point whether said mini-album will ultimately be availble to those not signed up for their fan club. It’s worth a listen for those who can understand Japanese, and worth skipping to the bits with the song previews even for those who aren’t – no composer or arranger credits are given, but all three songs are shaping up very nicely.

(Edited with corrections from commenter “First Summer (Uika) of Love”)


2 thoughts on “New venture from NIGO®, HOMETOWN Hi-Fi®, goes live

  1. First Summer (Uika) of Love says:

    The album is actually called “IDLE GOSSIP”, not “WORSHIP”. The cassette tape (already distributed) and the 7-inch single are exclusive to the 100 IDLE FELLA$ members, but presumably the CD release (April 1st…?) will be to a wider audience considering the cassette is already out.


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