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Cornelius and U-zhaan bring a very silly cover of a YMO classic

Yellow Magic Orchestra’s “Technopolis” is a veritable synthpop classic, the 1979 song having been credited with directly inspiring the Detroit techno of the 1980s and, in a delicious bit of irony, a lot of the Western electronic music that would later influence Shibuya-kei musicians such as Cornelius – who recently covered the song with fellow musician U-zhaan in the strangest way possible. Turning the grand spectacle of YMO’s ode to Tokyo’s digital metropolis into a low-key bossa nova tune with Cornelius on the kazoo and guitar while U-zhaan plays the horn, it’s not exactly clear if this cover was supposed to be a “joke,” per se, but it most certainly wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously. It’s fun, though, and sometimes that’s enough.

Edit – the studio clip that was posted before has since been removed by the uploader, so I’ve embedded another clip of U-zhaan and Cornelius covering “TECHNOPOLIS” in its place.


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