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“HAPPY NEW NEGIII!” with a new song from Negicco and OTOTOY

T-Palette Records said hello to the new year in style, with flagship group Negicco’s “HAPPY NEW NEGIII!” event in Yokohama finding the girls counting down to 2015 like only Shibuya-kei idols can. Of course, being generous as they are, the good people at T-Palette didn’t want the fun to be limited to just those who were able to make it to the show, and so they partnered with OTOTOY for a January 1 premiere of the first new song from their upcoming Rice&Snow LP, “BLUE, GREEN, RED & GONE.” The energetic drumming and sparse synthesizers of Koushi Miura (better known for his work in the group Kuchiroro, whose minimal aesthetic he carries on to this composition) make this an incredibly interesting selection, as well as proof that the album-only tracks on Rice&Snow are going to be more than just filler between the crowd-pleasing singles. As per OTOTOY’s standard, the track is available in the lossless ALAC, FLAC and WAV formats, and unlike services like iTunes there’s no region lockout or DRM – just the good stuff, no need for any of the bad.


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