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More free music from Takeshi Nakatsuka

Takeshi Nakatsuka, Disney-approved jazz pianist and former QYPTHONE member, continues his steady stream of free releases through his website’s “TAKESHI LAB” feature – using the same distribution model as always, with download links e-mailed to you once you enter your address (and sign up to his newsletter in the process, but you can always unsubscribe from that). This latest selection is a new jazz combo version of his song “On and On”, with his piano joined by drums, bass, saxophone and a 3-piece horn section (including a second sax player!). It’s a dramatic change from the original, the song being improved massively by the transformation from distressingly sub-par┬áhouse music to the light jazz that Nakatsuka is more rightfully well-known for. The download will only be available until the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s, so act quickly if you want to get a hold of this one.


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