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Vanilla Beans IV announced, set for a February release date

T-Palette Records’ Vanilla Beans, the charming duo with the Pink Lady-esque tendency to sing and dance in unison, are set to start off their 2015 with a bang – their new full-length, called Vanilla Beans IV and adorned with the incredibly bizarre cover pictured above in its regular edition (the deluxe version’s cover is no less off-putting), comes out February 3. IV compiles previous singles “Uchouten Girl”, “Kitto Ii Basho”, “Watashi… Fukou Guse”, “Please Me, Darling” and “Muscats Slope Love” in addition to 6 new songs (including a cover version of Belle & Sebastian’s “Funny Little Frog“) and a remix of “Uchouten Girl”. Credits for the new songs have yet to be announced, but, as is usual, we will be keeping up to date with any new announcements as they come up.


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