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Just in time for the holidays, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra offers their 25th anniversary goods for sale


In commemoration of 25 years as one of Japan’s coolest bands (and innumerable line-up changes), Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s SKA ME FOREVER tour serves as a tribute to the astonishing lasting power of what would most likely have been written off as a novelty act anywhere other than Japan. As is tradition with Japanese concert tours, unsold merch-table gear is being offered for sale on their web store, presumably all on “while supplies last” terms. What is strange, though, is that in addition to the surplus goods, they’re also selling merchandise in advance of their New Year’s countdown show at the WORLD HALL in Kobe – presumably so fans can show up to the concert already decked out in their commemorative T-shirts. While it’s fairly common to see rock fans wearing T-shirts promoting shows they never possibly could have attended (nobody has any illusions about the 15-year-old in a 1977 Led Zeppelin tour shirt), it would nevertheless be incredibly odd to see someone wearing a shirt for a show that hasn’t even happened yet.


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