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Now you can own Kenji Ozawa’s T-shirt!

Although far less famous outside of Japan than his Planet of the Apes-obsessed partner Cornelius, Kenji Ozawa was, according to my Japanese source, once in fact the more popular of the two Flipper’s Guitar alumni. And now you can own a replica of the “Beaver Patrol” T-shirt he wore on the cover of his first solo album, The Dogs Bark, but the Caravan Moves On, thanks to and Roach Design! The re-release of the shirt coincides with the release of Ozawa’s Chou LIFE DVD, which itself marks the 20-year anniversary of Ozawa’s “THE LIFE SHOW” concert (featured on the DVD, naturally). You can find more info about the DVD at Space Shower’s special page for the release, although lamentably no Blu-ray release would appear to be forthcoming. Something about concert footage from 1994 being really awful to remaster, probably.


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