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Tantalizing hint of a NOWHERE reunion


Once the cornerstone of the Ura-Harajuku fashion scene, NIGO® and Jun “JONIO” Takahashi’s store NOWHERE has since become the stuff of legends. Although both the original store and its temporary second branch are long gone, the name continues to be used for events such as 2013’s “BAPELAND” exhibition; regardless of the actual store’s demise, the NOWHERE partnership remains alive and well in the minds of both of its originators. As NIGO® recently posted the above photo to his Instagram, captioned “Meeting with JONIO. New project coming next year,” one can only speculate at what could be on the horizon – a new clothing line, reopening NOWHERE again, a new exhibition of some sort, or a combination of any of these are all possibilities. NIGO® recently launched a collaborative exhibition based around a one-off clothing line with Tetsuya “Tet” Nishiyama, who was his replacement as head designer at *A BATHING APE® (the scene is incredibly incestuous), so perhaps a similar event with the man he’s had the longest-standing professional relationship with may be in the cards.


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