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Japanese hip-hop act P.O.P gets Shibuya-kei on their latest release

6-man hip-hop act P.O.P are no strangers to the fringes of Shibuya-kei – they made their debut on former QYPTHONE member Takeshi Nakatsuka’s Delicatessen Recordings label, with an album featuring Nakatsuka as well as BIKKE from Shibuya-kei act TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET – and this new release Fuyuzora to Utagoe wa Kireina Hou ga Ii continues the trend with another appearance from Nakatsuka and a remix from YMCK, Shibuya-kei chiptune group par excellence. You can get the digital release from iTunes, and listen to samples of all album tracks at the Soundcloud embed above.


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