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You fall in love, you lose: more from BILLIE IDLE®’s First Summer Uika

The ongoing collaboration between iOS fashion app POKER FACE and NIGO®’s new-school pop group BILLIE IDLE® continues with a new photo set of the lovely First Summer Uika – available for purchase through the app – as well as a quick video look at the shooting of the first set (featured above). As with before, she’s dressed all in clothes from NIGO®’s Adidas Originals collection (still in stores, I’d like to note – I’ve purchased a few pieces from it myself), and I personally have my fingers crossed that future BILLIE IDLE® shoots might feature NIGO®’s HUMAN MADE line; however, it’s probably more realistic to assume that UT by Uniqlo (which NIGO®, that multi-talented man of mystery, is creative director for) will be featured before the less well-known brand.

As an aside, I’ve never asked for comments before, but I feel it’s warranted here; do people want more fashion content or should Memories of Shibuya stick to the music? The ties between Shibuya-kei music and Ura-Harajuku fashion may not be as explicit as they were when NIGO®’s Ape Sounds label was regularly publishing Shibuya-kei artists and Cornelius dressed exclusively in NIGO®’s *A BATHING APE® line, but they do still continue – my only question is if people want to read about them.


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