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Memories of Shibuya in the Mix: DJ BACH’s SHIBUYAKEI MIX

The aesthetic of the DJ is crucial to Shibuya-kei, so what better way to pay tribute than to highlight Shibuya-kei DJ mixes? Starting this monthly series with Tomoaki Okimoto (aka DJ BACH)’s SHIBUYAKEI MIX, every month us here at Memories of Shibuya hope to share a DJ mix full of Shibuya-kei goodness – and although preference will most definitely be given to more obscure names, that isn’t to say there won’t be some more prominent figures featured in the future.

DJ BACH’s mix is, properly, a playlist – no mashups or neat transitions to be found – but the song selection makes up for any lack of finesse in approach. Focusing almost entirely on upbeat selections from Shibuya-kei’s 1990s golden age (interestingly enough, of Flipper’s Guitar’s three albums, only songs from Camera Talk are featured), it’s a peppy mix with few low points in its hour-long runtime. Credit for finding this one goes out to faithful Twitter follower and DJ naomi february⁶ (who, lamentably, was unable to submit a mix herself), and tune in next month for another Shibuya-kei mix!


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