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Details of WAVE RUNNER, the newest capsule album, revealed

Never one to shy away from the unconventional, Yasutaka Nakata unveiled the title and other details of WAVE RUNNER, his latest album as capsule (the Shibuya-kei outfit he made his name with before moving on to production for idol performers like Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) along with, of all things, a making-of video for the album art. Interested parties can preorder the CD on Amazon in both regular and deluxe flavours, the latter containing extended mixes of 4 songs from the album on a bonus disc. Although having long turned in his beret and border shirt for a leather jacket and sunglasses, Nakata continues to be one of the people keeping Japanese pop music interesting, and the European-inspired electronica sounds of his recent work are endowed with the spirit of the international that runs through all Shibuya-kei. Some (including the Wikipedia page for “Shibuya-kei”) even argue that his idol group Perfume counts as “Shibuya-kei” – not going to say I agree, but it definitely is food for thought (and very likely a future editorial topic – hint, hint).


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