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Dimitri From Paris? New remix? Yes, please!

Dimitri From Paris, whose name actually rhymes when you’re not like me and your pronunciation of “Paris” doesn’t take on the anglophonic hard “s”, offers us a lovely disco mix of Macedonian musician Vladimir Četkar’s song “Heaven”, sure to both provide listeners with the pleasure of Dimitri’s trademark ultra-chic throwback sounds, and to further trivialize this blog’s always-tenuous connection to the ambiguously-defined “Shibuya-kei” genre. Would Dimitri From Paris call this Shibuya-kei? Would Vladimir Četkar? Would anyone outside of this blog post? Perhaps not, but if one is to take early Shibuya-kei compilation album Sushi 4004‘s description of its genre as “club-pop”, then it does indeed fit the bill – and prominent Shibuya-kei musicians such as Cornelius wouldn’t. So, ultimately, Shibuya-kei, like groove, would appear to be in the heart. Could you really ask for another explanation?


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