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Momus continues animal theme; releases song about a foxy otter

After the bears and sheepdogs, the hateful horses and spores, Momus turns his eye towards a new member of the animal kingdom for this latest Turpsycore jaunt – a “Foxy Little Otter”, to be precise. While continuing a trend of somewhat boring lyrical conventionality (other than the silliness of the object of his affections, apparently, being a literal otter), it’s not a bad song by any means – just one that does nothing to dispel the notion that Turpsycore will end up somewhat overstuffed, with an abundance of songs lacking any sort of coherent theme beyond Momus’s tongue-in-cheek approach to tackling odd subject matter. But for a three-disc monster album to be overstuffed and incoherent is a foregone conclusion, really; best to just revel in its wholly unnecessary nature, as that’s clearly what one is meant to do when confronted with something as knowingly ridiculous as Turpsycore.


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