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Turpsycore isn’t over yet, new song revealed

It’s unclear how many songs will be on the non-cover disc of Momus’s upcoming 3-CD epic Turpsycore, with new song “The Hate Horse” bringing the current total up to 15. This one is about hatred, more precisely the ways it can be used – not exactly breaking new ground, lyrically, but the man’s been making music since the Emperor Showa was still sitting on the chrysanthemum throne. Can’t expect him to reinvent the wheel every time.

As an additional note, the clip seems to have been taken from the video game Red Dead Redemption; while the packaging for his Ping Pong album (currently the Memories of Shibuya Twitter account‘s avatar) referenced vintage video game design, it’s nevertheless unusual for him to veer outside of his usual comfort zone of vintage movies and music clips for his videos. Even moreso with a recent title – somehow I’d gotten the impression that Momus hadn’t touched a gaming console in decades, an impression I now see was quite mistaken.


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