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NIGO®’s new group doesn’t believe in patience

Rising from the ashes of BiS (Brand-new Idol Society), new group BILLIE IDLE® promises two things: firstly, a continuation of BiS’s iconoclastic antics, and secondly, an opportunity to hear more from their manager, A Bathing Ape founder and current HUMAN MADE owner NIGO®. NIGO® had previously directed the BiS video “nerve“, and one can only hope BILLIE IDLE® (that registered sign, just like the one after NIGO®, is essential to the name) will be better, musically – but the point of BiS was never really the actual music, was it? The former group was most notable for their antics – such as releasing a black metal single out of nowhere – and BILLIE IDLE® is continuing this proud tradition in their decision to launch an official fan club before they’ve had a single performance, released a single song, or really done much of anything in particular. I don’t know enough about Japanese idol groups to know if this is actually common, but at the very least we’ll be checking in with NIGO®, First Summer Uika and Nozomi Hirano’s new group as news comes up. Why not, eh?


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