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News roundup; new Momus and a Towa Tei T-shirt

Two new Turpsycore joints appeared recently, the above-linked “Cameo” (in the words of his personal assistant, “a tribute to ’80s contrarians”), as well as the downbeat J.G. Ballard homage “The Driver” – the latter representing the album’s most intimate moment thus far, deprived of the usual irony that characterizes so much of Momus’s catalogue.

As for the T, it’s a weird one. Towa Tei’s Shibuya-kei aesthetic has most recently manifested itself in the form of a number of collage designs (you can find a catalogue on his CINRA.STORE page here), and he continues this trend with the new “STILL SMOKING” tee. Featuring a design of a man and a woman, each with gigantic cartoon joints, I assume from the title that it has something to do with Cheech & Chong’s 1983 film “Still Smokin”, but as I’ve never seen the movie in question (or any Cheech & Chong vehicle, unless one counts “Yellowbeard”), my guess is merely a guess.


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