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The new Momus tracks keep coming, now with “The Spider”

No word on if this new track is from Turpsycore, but the toy-guitar and Casiotone sound is a very decided throwback to albums past. Recently the singer/songwriter has been favouring something of a bizarrely warped take on Americana (as in the ghetto Tom Waits impersonation in the previously-posted “Catholic App”, and most of his recent album Bambi), and while the toy-instruments-and-keyboards sound was never anyone’s favourite facet of Momus’s vast and varied musical repertoire, there’s a bit of nostalgia value inherent in this one. Of perhaps greater interest is his account’s new addition to the playlist library: his David Bowie covers, to be collected in physical media on one of Turpsycore‘s two companion discs, have been compiled on his YouTube channel into the playlist “Dybbuk Momie“. Turpsycore doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’ll have the information soon as it comes up.


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