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New Momus track, “Catholic App”, and details of new album

Shibuya-kei icon Momus has something incredibly unusual in store for 2015 – even for him. The man has never been known to stand still for any prolonged amount of time, creatively, trying out new styles constantly and releasing an astonishing amount of material in the past few decades, but in the coming year he’s poised to release more material at once than he ever had before. His upcoming Turpsycore (a perfectly Momusian title if ever there was one) will be released on physical media as a triple album. The first disc will be all new material, the above-featured “Catholic App” included, while the second and third discs will be composed of David Bowie and Devoto covers; previously posted on his shockingly comprehensive YouTube account. As with all his releases since 2010’s Hypnoprism, he will be continuing to post tracks from the new album to YouTube as they are finished, handily collected in this convenient playlist.


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